Can HANS Premium Water Appliance Model 2 use for high-demand applications?

Multiple HANS Premium Water Appliances can be installed in parallel. This can drastically reduce downtime as one unit can be taken off line for service without disrupting water flow, keeping your business running and profitable.


How is the HANS™ Premium Water Appliance better than a water softener?

A water softener merely treats hard water. It doesn’t protect your family from dangerous contaminants, rust or sulfur. And, it adds salt to your home’s water which can leave spots and scratches on glassware. Worst of all, the salt can leach into groundwater causing serious environmental impact. This has become a big enough problem that many communities have banned salt use in water softeners, forcing homeowners to switch to potassium chloride – a much costlier substitute.

The HANS™ Premium Water Appliance removes hardness without salt or potassium chloride. And it does much more. It removes virtually all dangerous contaminants including lead, arsenic, chromium hexavalent, PFAS and a host of others. It also removes rust, odors and bad taste. What you get is crystal-clear, odor-free, great-tasting, virtually contaminant-free water for your whole house.


Do you have performance data sheets for the HANS™ Premium Water Appliance?

Yes, use the links below to download the respective model performance data sheet.


Can HANS Premium Water Model 2 be installed outdoor?

Yes our Model 2 can be installed outdoor as it has a rugged exterior, a heavy-duty molded housing, that provides quiet operation indoors and long-lasting protection outdoors.


Is installation of the HANS Premium Water Appliance difficult?

No as HANS Premium Water appliance is a plug and play deployment and it has three connection points only (1. Inlet water, 2. Clean water out, 3. Reject water out).


Do I need a big space for the HANS Premium Water Appliance?

No. HANS Premium Water Appliance Model 2 is the size of a washing machine with the dimension of 740mm (W) x 990mm (L) x 1350mm (H).


Can I monitor my water usage via HANS Premium Water Appliance?

Yes you can. HANS Premium Water Appliance has an intuitive touch-screen constantly monitors water quality and usage. It also provides data on filter life, incoming and outgoing TDS levels, and water pressure. The Appliance also has the wireless communication via mobile apps with Wi-Fi enabled firmware updates that’s allows you to monitor the appliance anything and anywhere!